CSD Consulting

Our Data Migration team have proven skills and expertise in many Data Migration projects. Our expertise and understanding of our client’s data requirements has meant we have been able to deliver successful projects on time and within budget for our clients. We possess many tools and techniques that assist in the data migration process which allows us to reduce the time and cost of Data Migration.

Our Data Migration team of specialists consists of:

  1. Project Managers
  2. Data Migration Specialists
  3. Business Analysts
  4. Data Analysts
  5. Developers.

With CSD Consulting (QLD)’s Data Migration team’s expertise and in-depth understanding of data migration issues, the end result will be a successful, working solution for the client.

CSD Consulting (QLD) believes that our data migration services would be an invaluable added extra resource to any system integrator or solution provider and its clients. In partnership with CSD Consulting (QLD), a system integrator or solution provider will be able to offer a complete working solution to its clients who are looking at a total Data Migration solution.

Understanding the final solution

CSD Consulting (QLD) has access to specialists in areas such as HR and Finance and tools such as SAP and Peoplesoft. These specialists would work with any company to understand the final solution and any customisations required. They would work with a system integrator to define the Data Migration Requirements and during the development of the Data Migration ensure that these requirements are met. This would enable a solution provider to now offer its clients a complete data solution.

Confidence in the Data Migration

Given that the team has successfully completed many data migrations in the past, a colution provider can be confident that the data provided for loading into the target solution will be of the highest quality and accurately reflect the Data Migration requirements. Having this confidence that the Data Migration will not impact on project milestones will allow the solution provier to more accurately plan their projects and deliver more projects on schedule and within budget.

This was demonstrated at Queensland Health where no project delays have been attributed to Data Migration issues. The Project Manager, Project Director and a number of business representatives have indicated that they trusted the Data Migration Team more than any other team on the project and their ability to deliver on their commitments.

Better Solutions

As solution providers know, if poor quality data (or data that does not meet the Data Migration Requirements) is loaded into the final solution then this may result in the solution not delivering on the client’s expectations. In many cases the client blames the solution rather than the root cause which is the data.

Apart from the Data Migration Specialists discussed earlier, the team also consists of a number of Data Analysts who specialise in Data Quality. They have tools and techniques that ensure the quality of the Data being transformed is of a high standard. This will ensure the migrated data will not hinder the final solution’s functionality and will improve the soultion provider's customer satisfaction.

Committed to understanding the Client’s current environment

CSD Consulting (QLD) has business analysts and data analysts that are experienced in HR, Plant Maintenance, Supply Chain Management and Finance Data Migrations. This experience will allow them to quickly understand the client’s current business environment and the data that is stored in the client’s existing solutions.

Data Analysts also have tools and techniques for profiling data in the client’s existing systems which will allow them to quickly understand the existing data model which will be input to the Data Mapping.

Improve Data Quality

Identifying Data Quality issues and correcting these issues can be a very time consuming activity. However CSD Consulting (QLD) has Data Analysts that specialise in Data Quality and have tools and techniques that ensure the quality of the Data being transformed is of a high standard.

When an existing solution is to be decommissioned after the new solution is deployed, it is preferable for Data Quality issues to be cleansed during the transformation process. However, there will usually be a need for cleansing in the source system, particularly when the existing solution is to continue operating after the data migration is complete. Automated tools will analyse and report data quality issues periodically to allow the client to monitor the progress of any manual cleansing activities.


The team consists of practitioners with numerous skills.

Data Migration Specialists

CSD Consulting (QLD) has Data Migration Specialists that will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate Data Migration approach and methodology and develop the Client’s Data Migration Strategy
  • Develop the Data Migration Plan and Schedule and ensure it is integrated with the System Integrator's schedule for the new solution
  • Lead the Data Migration team and provide the project manager with regular progress updates
  • Planning and coordinating of the Data Migration cutover activities.

Business Analysts

CSD Consulting (QLD) has business analysts that are experienced in HR and Finance Data Migrations. This, combined with their knowledge of the new solution, will enable them to accurately map the client’s legacy system’s data to the new solution. They will work closely with both the client and Solution Provider's staff, to document the transformation rules and ensure the Data Migration Requirements are met.

Data Analysts/Developers

CSD Consulting (QLD) has Data Analysts that will be able to:

  • Analyse the Data Quality in the client’s existing solutions
  • Develop Data Models of the client’s existing solutions
  • Utilise enterprise Data Migration and Data Profiling tools to minimise the effort required to develop a Data Migration solution
  • Develop reconciliation procedures to ensure the data has been migrated successfully.

We believe we have a team that will enhance the existing services offered by any solution provider or system integrator and allow a complete solution to be provided that includes a data migration solution. CSD Consulting (QLD) will add value to the solution provider and its clients. To discuss using the CSD Consulting (QLD) team, please contact Sonya via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 0432 949 094.