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Data Custodian Definition

By Chris Dewar

Data Custodians are the "keepers" of data. They will generally have a good understanding of the data structures and data standards but may not have a good understanding of how the business uses the data. In many cases they are the MDM team or the technical support team for the application, database or cloud.

Data Custodians are responsible for one or more of the following:

  • Ensuring the data is accessible
  • Ensuring data quality monitoring jobs are operating as scheduled
  • Working with Data Owners and Data Stewards to ensure the data is of a high quality
  • Physically maintaining the data

Data Custodians are sometimes confused as the Data Stewards due to the knowledge they have of the data and involvement they have in maintaining the data, however it is likely that they are not involved in the day to day business usage of the data.

It is possible that the Data Steward and Data Custodian is the same person. This is usually the case when the business has developed a custom solution without the involvement of IT specialists.